About us

About us

Hillside Studio works with both budding and established artists, 
helping them take their music to the next level, for very attainable prices. 
As a studio we pride ourselves on being efficient and versatile, any genre can be created, productions range from just one instrument and vocals to making use of real and programmed instruments to create the sound of an entire band or an orchestra.
About us

Joe Wright

Producer/Mixing and Mastering Engineer
Our technology whiz and multi-instrumentalist of a music producer, Joe has years of experience in the recording industry and can deliver high quality tracks in a short turnaround time when needed. With several of his works aired on the radio (including the BBC) you can rest assured that Joe will have your track at radio quality in no time.


Studio Mascot/HR Manager
With years of experience as a sloth in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, Clive is an expert on keeping both Joe and the clients relaxed and happy. The more photogenic of the two male studio members, Clive is the face of the company, winning the hearts of the music community with his charm and good looks. Likes to sleep on the job.